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Declaration Revolution + Why I Am Predestined Never To Be A Hyper-Calvinist

Dr. Caner never minces words as he clearly lays out his opposition to a rising tide of hyper-Calvinism that is spreading through the evangelical world and urges Christians to stand without flinching even during the most trying times.


Love, Lies and Landmines

What are the steps for building an ideal marriage? Can we ever hope for a "perfect" spouse? How does a home become a haven of rest for both men and women? How do husbands and wives learn to complement each other? Should unity be a goal in marriage?


Personal Testimony - My Conversion from Islam to Jesus Christ

Here is the story of how Dr. Ergun Caner went from a devout Muslim to the president of an evangelical Christian seminary.


No Holds Barred - Sermons that Confront Culture

Too often, Christianity is silent before its critics, and mute before a skeptical world. These sermons were preached in the midst of the fray. Each sermon was preached in the face of a growing resentment and bias against Christ and His followers.


Shouting Ground - Live from Thomas Road

Some Sundays feel like church! This collection of sermons contains some of the most rousing, soul-stirring services you will ever experience.


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