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Caner interviewed by Fox News Radio (06.23.09)

Caner does book signing at the Southern Baptist Convention (06.22.09)

Caner preaches to conference of Southern Baptists (06.21.09)

Caner speaks at Real Evangelism Conference (02.13.09)

Caner speaks on cruise to Mexico (01.18.09)

Caner @ Extreme Conference (01.08.09)

Message to Korea Churches (05.19.08)


Amplified Impact includes a sermon by Dr. Caner (03.06.08)

Caner on "Rick and Bubba Show" National Broadcast (02.28.08)

SBC Today Interview (02.05.08)

Caner on the Inspiration Network (01.24.08)

Sex in the city of God (01.20.08)
A new series by Ergun at Liberty University's Campus Church

Caner returns from Israel (01.15.08)

Xtreme Conference (01.04.08)

The Dearth of Legacy (05.29.07)

Caner Preaches on TBN (05.03.07)

PraiseFest Ministries will be sponsoring a cruise to Nassau, Bahamas (03.23.07)

Ergun named speaker at the largest Pastors Conference (02.15.07)
First Baptist Church Jacksonville, FL 2008 (Website)

Ergun Caner answers the "BLASPHEMY CHALLENGE." (02.08.07)

Caner addresses Iranian President’s Jesus (12.22.06)

Ergun speaks at Cumberland College (12.5.06)

World Net Daily quotes Ergun in article dealing with Rick Warren (11.28.06)

Joshua Convergence (9.25.06)

Conflict in the Middle East (7.30.06)

Caners on the John Ankerberg Show

Caner at CPAC



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