Holier Than Thou
When Faith Becomes Toxic

The streets of our culture are littered with former church members. Why do people leave the church? Might the responsibility for increasingly absent and disgruntled members lay on the shoulders of toxic Christians?  No Christian sets out to have toxic faith. At the beginning of their journey, a newborn saint is filled with joy, gratitude,  praise and grace for others. They hunger for God and long to enjoy God in their lives. Yet for some, a subtle shift begins to take place. They become critics rather than workers, skeptics rather than servants. Before long, one finds them resistent or seeking to impose their will on others, regardless of Scriptural injunction.

Dr. Ergun Caner charts this gradual decline into becoming a sin-sick soul, not to bemoan this ailment or resign to its inevitability, but in order to arrest and alter the person’s course away from obsession back toward devotion.