Ergun is on the road

Ergun is on the road

>11 sermons, 16 flights; 11,200 miles between Sept 12 and 21
September 22, 2009
Lynchburg, VA.

Beginning Saturday, September 12 and concluding on Monday, September 21, Dr. Ergun Caner delivered messages coast-to-coast, from Florida to California to Washington DC to near home in Roanoke, Virginia.

He began his preaching tour in Pensacola, FL, preaching at the Pastor’s Conference at Olive Baptist Church.  He led the student revival services at Raleigh Christian Academy in Raleigh NC, one of the largest Christian Schools in the North Carolina. He returned to Florida to preach at the Worship Expo in Jacksonville.

He began last weekend at the California Christian Apologetics Conference in Fremont, California.  The conference was sponsored by Stand for Truth Ministries, led by apologist Shawn Hayes. Over 1000 people heard Dr. Caner speak on “The Quest for the Hysterical Jesus.” His exhortations were well received.

Overnight, he traveled from California to Washington DC to speak Saturday afternoon at the Values Voter Summit, a conference hosted by the Family Research Council.  He spoke to those gathered on “The Purpose-Driven Mosque.” He is pictured above with Texas Governor Rick Perry.

After a brief respite, Dr. Caner spoke at First Baptist Church Roanoke, Virginia Monday evening.  The church was host for the Vantage Point 2009 Star City Conference, which was co-sponsored by the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia.  His sermon was titled, “Truth Is Immortal,” the dying words of Dr. Caner’s Anabaptist hero, Balthasar Hubmaier.

This transcontinental preaching tour involved 16 flights and around 11,200 miles between Florida, North Carolina, California, and Washington DC, concluding with a short hop to Roanoke, Virginia.