LBTS Represented On Cruise to Mexico

LBTS Represented On Cruise to Mexico


Dr. Ergun Caner joined almost 1500 Christians on a cruise to Mexico, January 12-17, 2009. For two decades, Templeton Tours have taken Christians on cruises all over the world with such speakers as Dr. Chares Stanley, David Jeremiah and Jerry Vines. This year’s speakers included Thomas Road Baptist Church pastor Jonathan Falwell and Dr. Caner, who each spoke twice. Musicians on the cruise included Greater Vision, the Kingsmen and Alicia Williamson, along with Thomas Road’s own Charles Billingsley.

“I was honored to speak on such a prestigious cruise,” noted Caner, “because some of my heroes were speaking. Four former Southern Baptist presidents spoke in sessions, including Drs. Jerry Vines, James Merritt, Bobby Welch, Jim Henry, and current SBC president, Dr. Johnny Hunt. That is, as my wife would say, ‘high cotton.’”

During the cruise, speakers and singers would team up for sessions that lasted ninety minutes, for services throughout the day. The cruise disembarked in Cozumel and Calica, Mexico on Wednesday and Thursday, and enabled the travelers to shop and see sites such as Mayan villages and ruins. Caner brought his family on the cruise. “I hate traveling alone,” he said, “and Mexico marks the sixth country that my nine-year old son Braxton has seen, the third country for my four-year old Drake, and the seventh country for my wife Jill. My goal is to take them all over the world. I want them to experience missions first hand in as many countries as possible. Though this trip was not mission-oriented, I pray it inspires my sons to reach the world for which Christ died.”

“Thankfully, many of the speakers are Liberty University trustees,” Caner joked, “so no one thought I was ‘playing hookey’ from my classes. And I had the opportunity to invite over four hundred pastors to send their students to Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.”

The Seminary was well represented on the cruise, with two other faculty attending. Dr. Charlie Davidson, the head of the military chaplaincy MDIV brought his wife, as did Dr. Frank Schmitt, one of the two original faculty members and elder statesmen of the Seminary. Along with his wife Bobbie, Dr. Schmitt has gone on over fifteen of these Southern Gospel cruises.

Dr. Caner spoke on “Reaching Muslims with the Gospel of Grace,” and “I Learned Everything I Know in a Country Church,” both from the book of Ephesians