Caner @ Extreme Conference

Caner @ Extreme Conference


Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner, president of LBTS, recently was a featured speaker at the annual Xtreme Conferences in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Over the New Year break, almost 30,000 Christian youth descend upon Gatlinburg for five different conferences that meet concurrently.

“This is the fifth year I have spoken at Xtreme, and I am honored that they keep having me back!” Caner said.

This year, Caner spoke from 1 Peter 2: 9-10, in a sermon entitled “Racial Profiling.”

“The exegesis of the text is explicit,” Caner notes, “the only race that matters is being part of the Christian race, as indicated by the term ‘race’ from the Greek word ethnos. It is our identity in Christ that defines us. The next verse says we were once NOT a people, but now we are.”

Caner used sharp humor to drive his point. He mocked the political correctness and sensitivity in our current culture. “I basically took shots at everyone, including myself. I have been called a ‘towelhead’ before, and the term means nothing to me. My ethnic background my color my existence, but it does not define me. Our culture uses the wrong markers.”

Comments from conferences:
“Dr. Caner was truly an inspiration to many of the teens from my youth group. They were challenged to take a stand for what they believe in.”

“I love Dr. Caner’s straightforward approach. He doesn’t beat around the bush and he doesn’t mind stepping on our toes. We need more preachers like him.”