Joshua Convergence

Over 40 ‘younger’ SBC leaders affirm SBC conservative resurgence at ‘Joshua Convergence’ near Orlando
Managing Editor
Published: September 25, 2006

Declaring their intention to “give voice to younger leaders across the Southern Baptist Convention” who support the SBC’s conservative resurgence and its emphasis on biblical inerrancy, over 40 pastors and seminary professors met just outside Orlando Sept. 25 for the first of a two-day meeting dubbed “The Joshua Convergence.”

Presenting seven “Principles of Affirmation” in the context of a worship service, young leaders from throughout the country spoke of truth, gratitude, service, holiness, unity, identity and mission.

The document expresses “deep thankfulness for those who have taken [our] Convention back to its theological and spiritual moorings,” crediting “godly men and women” with the furtherance of “seminaries that champion God’s Word, evangelistic mission agencies, and a Convention committed to the Great Commission.”

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